Tech 4 O Northstar CW1 Compass Watch

Digital compass watch that appeals to professionals and amateurs alike 16 directional indicators, 1-degree bearing increments, and bearing lock Adjustable declination with electromagnetic distortion warnings Includes backlit display that shows the time, date, and day of the week Stopwatch function; water-resistant to 30 feet; 1-year warranty Product DescriptionOff the Map, Right on Course Advanced compass watch keeps on course with just a quick glance at your wrist. Feature-rich enough for professionals, adventurers; easy enough to use for scouts and weekend warriors. FeaturesAdvanced digital compass with 16 directional indicators, 1° bearing increments, bearing lock, reverse bearing, easy calibration, adjustable declination, electro/magnetic […] Read more »

Victorinox Silver Tech Spartan Pocket Knife

12 tools include: large/small knives, bottle/can openers, large/small screwdrivers, corkscrew Housed in famous Swiss Army body; new translucent silver handle Stainless-steel tools; rust-proof aluminum alloy separators Ideal for outdoor recreation, travelers; 3-1/2 inches long Made in Switzerland since 1891; lifetime warranty Product DescriptionThe ultimate in cool, yet still so hot. Introducing Silver Tech, the latest pocket tool offering from Victorinox. Sleek, cutting edge design meets legendary convenience in this modern-day classic…. More >> Price: $16.91 Rating: 5.0 (1 reviews) Victorinox Silver Tech Spartan Pocket Knife Related Blog Post About Pro Bass Shops: Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck | Office online […] Read more »

Tech 4 O 2010 Traileader Jet All-In-One Outdoor Watch

High-performance watch with altimeter, barometer, compass, and more Accelerometer sensor measures speed, distance, pace, calories, and more Altimeter measures current altitude and ascent/descent rates Barometer gauges current pressure and temperature; built-in digital compass PC link syncs up with computer; 50-lap chronograph; 1-year warranty Product DescriptionAll traileader watches feature Accelerometer technology wich provides 95+% accurate Speed & Distance feedback without the trouble & expense of GPS. No footpod is needed, and it works under tree cover or with mountains or buildings obstruct the view of the Product DescriptionThe Tech 4O Traileader Jet may look like a watch, but it works […] Read more »

Tech 4 O Men's Accelerator Pulse Watch

Highly accurate accelerometer-based exercise mode. Includes heart rate monitor, chronograph (50 laps), coutdown timer, alarm. Style available for men and women. Counter timer and alarm Stylish design for the men’s look Product DescriptionYou really don’t want guesswork when it comes to speed, distance, and heart rate measurements. The Pulse provides the chest strap heart rate monitor giving the best known accurate measure. Tech 4 0 delievrs the stats you need with 95+% accuracy. Accelerator Pulse will never let you down…. More >> Price: $69.99 Rating: 4.0 (4 reviews) Tech 4 O Men’s Accelerator Pulse Watch Related Blog Post About Pro […] Read more »