The Year 2010 in Review

The Year 2010 in Review
For the last issue of 2010, we have taken a look at the past year’s news stories and events, and highlighted what we thought were the most newsworthy and interesting of the year.
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  1. James Hamelly says:

    I was wondering why Bass Pro hasnt given Mercer Co. Pa. a second look at being a site for a new location for Bass Pro. This area has a lot of potential, it has about 30 golf courses within 25 miles, its a corridor for Interstates 79 & 80,it has the north country trail within ten miles,it has the Grove City outlets,about 4,ooo,ooo visitors a year,Pa. Gamelands,stripmines allover,marsllas shale,witch has been utilized as yet(free gas},close to neighboring states{Ohio,W. Virginia,New york,Candians come down to shop at the outlets,Lake Erie 70 miles away, Shennago Reservoir 25 miles, Pymatuming 30 miles, Allegheny River 20 miles,Ohio River 25 miles,Slippery Rock Creek 8 miles Wolf Creek 5 miles,George Washington Trail of History,Conneaut Lake30 miles.This area could use a shot in the arm with a Famous store like Bass Pro locating here. Thers land that could be developed I hope you take this area seriously.

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