Trout fishing Tackle- Rod and Reel Lures and Flies

Your trout fishing trip would not be complete without the proper tackle. It is imperative to have an assortment of fishing supplies when doing any type of fishing to insure a good fish dinner at the end of the day. So lets look at some of the essential trout fishing tackle that you need to have.

Trout Lures

Spinners- Some good spinners are,  Aglia Spin Fly, See Best, Thunder Bug (silverfish), and the Thunder Bug (mayfly). There are more great spinners out there these are just a few I recommend.
Spoons- Some good spoons are, Trophy Spoons, Thunderbolt Spoons, Little Cleo Spoons, Phoebe Spoons, and Kastmaster Spoons. I have caught trout on all of these many times.

Trout Flies- Some good flies are, Woolly Bugger Black, Sparkle Dun Tan, Royal Wulff, Prince, Stimulator Orange. I have great success with these flies.

Fly Fishing Rod and Reel- There are several good types of rods on the market you really need to choose on what you can afford, keep in mind you don’t want to lose that monster trout because you slacked on the price and he broke your rod. That don’t make for a good fishing trip.

Waders- You need a good set of waders and this I would not slack on the price at all. Imagine springing a leak in 50 degree water. This has all the makings for another bad fishing trip.

You really need to be prepared with a back up rod and reel and extra hooks just in case. Remember it is better to be over prepared than under prepared. I hope that this trout fishing tackle list will help you get ready for your next fishing trip.

My name is Phillip Wayne and I am a trout fishing expert. I have dedicated my life to understanding and catching trout. For more information on Trout Fishing Lures, or feel free to visit my website at

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