Spinnerbait Bass Lesson with Kevin VanDam Fishing Video Bass Pro Shops

This youtube video is about Spinnerbait Fishing With Kevin VanDam. After watching this video, I discover that the white spinnerbaits are the best color for bass.

I always praise every time Kevin get a bass, “ooohh yehh that one is nice!!!”… very classic!

So I rate this video 4 out of 5.

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  1. blake9182 says:

    @Qbert907123 im only a kid im just learning how to fish so i just wanted to no how am i suppose to no this isnt kevin van dam

  2. Qbert907123 says:

    @blake9182 god your so fuckinstupid -___-

  3. Bassinalabama says:

    @blake9182 the dude that uploaded this isnt KVD

  4. blake9182 says:

    why do u fish with ur rod upside down

  5. FirefighterEMT804 says:

    Kevin Van Dam for president!!!

  6. flatcreektech says:

    Yea I hope that moron is out of Texas any real Texan would kick his ass for a comment like that ,Im sure he,s just jealous Kevin makes millions doing what he loves and In my opinion he is the best there is in bass fishing ,and I wonder why he is watching this vid anyway?

  7. 2889joeracer says:

    @str8outtatexas1 you drag race a car? how bout pros in drag racing. you guys step on a gas pedal and cross a line faster than some other guy? how do ppl go pro there? more to it than meets the eye right? same with fishing man

  8. Tothe2012 says:

    @ str8outtexas1

    Clearly, you’ve never gone bass fishing, or any fishing at all, or you would have never made such a false, egregious, ignorant comment. Animals are not as dumb and mindless as you propose. Conversely, people are not as smart and intelligent as you propose, as evidenced by your comment LOL.

  9. Mbsmoothie says:

    Just having the knowledge of the animal’s behavior down to a science is impressive. It’s not like any ol’ bloke can throw a line in and catch a 7lb bass or go out and get a 10 point buck. It takes time and skill. Just like anything else in life. What makes a profession NFL player a pro? Time and skill. Pro fisherman and Pro football players get paid for the same reason. They’re good at what they do, so good that they’ll get paid for it.

  10. bic94 says:

    @str8outtatexas1 Ok dude… i agree somewhat with what you say. Hunting animals such as deer, elk etc. i dont see someone being pro. But fishing is a different story, im a long time fisherman and i do it almost everyday. I dont see you out on the water catching 6 bass plus, a day. Not everyone can get out on the water and catch bass like the pros. Theres a big difference in hunting and fishing. Fishing is a bit more challenging than standing in a deer stand with a gun or bow.

  11. str8outtatexas1 says:

    what in the fuck is a “pro” bass fisherman? come on people these guys are’nt fucking pro’s. animals are only reacting to their natural instinct. people who call them selfs “pros” when it comes to hunting big game,birds,fish and any other “animal” are not pros. animals have no fucking clue you’re trying to capture or kill them. what a waste of television time and human consumption of bullshit.

  12. guapman11 says:

    @bguy75 yo….augustin???

  13. almightyvoss says:

    what spinnerbait is he using?

  14. 1baiken says:

    Everything KVD tells you about bass fishing is always Great Advice ! Notice how the bait is moving exactly when it hits the water, He does it & I learned it years ago. It’s the most common mistake anglers make when using spinnerbaits.

  15. germstiffs says:

    Spinnerbait bites are going off right now. I am going to implement some of these tips and see if they increase my numbers.

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