Spinnerbait Bass Lesson with Kevin VanDam Fishing Video Bass Pro Shops

This youtube video is about Spinnerbait Fishing With Kevin VanDam. After watching this video, I discover that the white spinnerbaits are the best color for bass.

I always praise every time Kevin get a bass, “ooohh yehh that one is nice!!!”… very classic!

So I rate this video 4 out of 5.

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  1. fishboycole97 says:

    @bguy75 no, Giants rule giants=real new york team

  2. kmeng15 says:

    what a master.. i must go buy one and try em/..

  3. sultrysinger1975 says:


  4. nwo4lifedta316 says:

    Kevin Van Dam is the fuckin man

  5. bassmukiepwn says:

    panthers panthers and lions fantasy fottball

  6. bguy75 says:


  7. gamemeister27 says:

    I caught a 20 inch bass a month ago on a spinner when nothing else was working. That’s about as big as they get in Minnesota.

  8. NEWYORKJETS52 says:

    @thebassfisher911 in muddy water i use bright colorschart. reds oranges just experiment with different colors and youll get bit

  9. madakopee says:

    @abbott033 thanks for the tip

  10. SuperJersh says:

    @thebassfisher911 bright colorerd skirts like red green and yellow

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