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Rods for Fly Fishing Beginners: Choosing the Right Ones

Fly fishing has basic gears, one of them is rods. There are many fly fishing rods, especially in sports shops. These seem to be overwhelming for beginners. There are a few things to consider when buying your first rod.


This is a primary concern. There are fishing rods that can range for just below 100 dollars going up. The main consideration is that you find the ones that can last. It would be better to buy more expensive one that can last, than a cheap one that you would need to replace often.

 Most seasoned anglers would actually advise you to go to specific brand shops, this is to avoid buying a rod that is of poor quality. This would also ensure that you get to have clerks who know about their products. Most of them can help you decide on the fishing rod for beginners. Such shops also have longer warranties.


Length of the rods can range from four up to eighteen feet. There are actually many uses for the varying lengths. Often enough, beginners are advised to take a longer rod. Now, longer would entail buying an eight to eight and a half rod. This can also vary for female anglers. Most of the time a seven and a half is recommended. At the same time, the length of the rod can also depend upon your height.


This is slightly complex. Action is how much bending can a rod take. There are three categories, fast, medium and slow. To avoid breaking and soft spots, beginners often take the medium action. This would help keep you from breaking the fish. If there are some available people to give you a crash course on casting, it is advisable that you take such.


The type of fish can also be a great consideration on which beginner fishing rod to take. The rods can determine whether you are ready to catch what type of fish. At the same time, this can also determine where you should go that you can get the best out of your fly fishing rod. Whether you would like to catch trout or other types of fish, make sure that you do have the right type of rods as well as the other fishing gears.

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The places where you would be going can also influence the type and built of rod that you are going to buy. This goes hand in hand with the fish species you are expecting to catch. The site sometimes also determines the length of the rod. The tighter the space, the shorter the rods to be used to make sure that you do not tangle on anything.

All other considerations when finding the perfect rods always boils down to one, you. You decide on the grip and the comfort level of the rod. All other considerations are guides, but at the end of the day, you decide which best fits into your hands and what you think should be your rod. After all, you would be spending the time with your sage fly fishing rod.


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