Me fishing in Pro Bass Fishing 2003

On this video you see me fishing in Pro Bass Fishing 2003. I set up a new personal record for a rainbow trout which is 5 lb and 2 oz

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    1. hrabia44666 says:

      shit game!!!, Better is fishing simulator 2

    2. Xpure66 says:

      arobatic fish i have a 52 lbs pike jump like that i alomst had in in but ass soon ass he jumped i lost him

    3. ycjp says:

      me going fishing tomorrow

    4. 0Danyto says:

      dragut jocuuu

    5. Jerkbaitful says:

      sweet.. (the quality from 2003) cool!

    6. Videogamerforlife69 says:

      That’s A Monster

    7. Theprogamerisme says:

      how the hell to play this game?
      i almost caught one

    8. Morpheusz89 says:

      Who the fcuk can play this game?:Dd

    9. OkanaganMan says:

      Dude, Sorry but that’s not really that big I caught a 7lb 14oz at Sacramota

    10. OkanaganMan says:

      Pull It Back

    11. gabire4 says:

      frumos joc!!

    12. steveo9001 says:

      lol they never put any effort into fishing games …

      They make some shitty graphics and very limited movements on the fish and player … >.>

      I would love a quality fishing game

    13. saab123123123 says:

      kk But how do u hook on a fish wht do u do with ur mouse?

    14. 23412nooby says:

      I cannot remember. It’s a long time ago is played this for the last time. I had one once.

    15. saab123123123 says:

      hey mate with which lure do u catach catfish with i cant find out which lure i have this game to

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