Hmong Fisherman..future pro..2009..bass fishing

***PLEASE READ***This is the complete clip of SPINning the Delta..SO..**HATERS**.. START YOUR ENGINES!!..this thing is BIG!!..caught during the last qualifier for the National Guard / FLW college fishing on the California Delta, 05/30/2009. Hmong’s Next Best Thing..the name KONG MOUA!! was estimated at 12 lbs..actual weight 10.9 (after 6 hours of being in the live well) (or)
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In order to become a professional bass angler, an individual must enter a number of tournaments in order to see how he fares against the competition. Discover the hard work that goes into becoming a professional bass fisherman with help from a professional bass fisherman in this free video on professional bass anglers. Expert: Ron Colby Contact: Bio: Ron Colby is a professional bass fisherman, has qualified for the Bass Master Classic and has won two BASS Western Divisionals. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    1. YourADrag says:

      @d0wnto3arthshuffl3r you be laughed at

    2. d0wnto3arthshuffl3r says:

      in tournaments are you allowed to use bait??

    3. flipsk828 says:

      @killernoobification generalyl they wouldnt. try smaller baits company’s they will most of the time!

    4. killernoobification says:

      hey im a ten year old kid who loves fishing id like to do tournamets and am looking in to it do u think bass pro shops or any large fishing company or your company ( wich i turn to for all fishing advice) would accept a me as a pro disgaurding my age?

    5. philly442 says:

      This guy isn’t even pro just wearing sponsors

    6. HATTAXX says:

      @lollipop95100 12 and a half to and i love fishing to =)

    7. lollipop95100 says:

      im 12 and a half and i love fishing alot

    8. HungryforFish says:

      Thanks you have helped me a lot 😀

    9. inokichi13 says:

      But my dad was in the paper with Kevin Van Dam…Kevin’s club often fished side by side with my dad’s club. I have alot of respect for KVD and I spend most of my paychecks at D&R Sports but hey, why can’t he come back and fish the local Kalamazoo tournys to see who could be the next KVD.

    10. bohlandpro says:

      i am 14 and i love fishing and you help alot explaining how some of the baits work like crainkbaits and like spinnerbaits

    11. adifishing says:

      i am 11 and looking forward to this job love fishin!!

    12. dager925 says:

      this is deffinately the job i want to have thanks 🙂

    13. riedellskates12 says:

      you help and are very good at it

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