Fly Fishing Rod-Reel Combos

Some people refer to fly fishing as an art. It is graceful to watch and quite amazing to see expert anglers dancing the fly on the water. In order to partake in this angling dance you need the proper fly fishing rod-reel combo. Fly fishing rod-reel combos can be purchased as a set or one can pair up their own.

There are several different types of fly-fishing reels; small, medium, and large arbors. The size of the arbor relates to how much line your reel uses per crank of the rod. Qualities to look for in your fly fishing reel are if they are made of a high quality aluminum, designed for precision, have a smooth drag with instant line release, waterproof and corrosion free. You can purchase fly fishing reels now for left or right-handed anglers and some companies offer reels that have been ergonomically designed for the avid angler to avoid undo stress on the anglers’ wrist.

There are three basic fly fishing actions used, slow, medium and fast. Slow action rods are great with smaller fish and are extremely bendable. They are great for accuracy but can be difficult to control for a novice angler. The slow action rods are best for short-range casting. For novice anglers, the medium action rod is better. They still have the flexibility needed in the middle and tip of the rod and are great for any range casting.

The fast action fly fishing rods do not offer much bend except in the tip. They are better suited for long-range casting and bigger fish. Rod length is also significant in your choice. Short rods measure less then eight feet, have less action, and are a good choice for smaller creeks or streams. Medium rods range between eight and nine feet and are universal as far as cast lengths and water types. Large fly fishing rods measure over nine feet and are best suited for larger fish and bodies of water.

Fly-fishing rods are made out of fiberglass or graphite. Graphite is the more expensive of the two but due to their lightweight in nature, allow for better accuracy. Fiberglass is universal in use but actually holds up longer then the graphite. The rod material ultimately is more of a personal preference. The anglers grip on the rod is important in relation to the size of game. The Cigar grip works well for smaller fish. Half-Well grips are generally on medium rods and work well for medium sized fish. The Full-Well grips you will find on large rods for large game fish.

Your fly fishing rod and reel combo does not have to be expensive to be effective. In pairing up your own set, make sure your reel balances out your rod; large reel requires a large rod. By matching up your rod, to your reel to the intended target, you cannot go wrong.

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