Flambeau Outdoors Bazuka Pro Rod Case

  • Hinged door makes it easy to load and unload and completely lockable for added security.
  • Foam padded at both ends for maximum rod protection.
  • Telescopes from 73″ to 102″.
  • Perfect for Saltwater rods and other rods with oversized guides.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Product Description
Bazuka – Model #6095 – Contoured, blow molded construction with molded-in handle for maximum durability makes Bazuka virtually indestructible – won’t bend, crush or break. Airline approved…. More >>

Price: $66.99
Rating: 4.0 (9 reviews)

Flambeau Outdoors Bazuka Pro Rod Case

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  1. J. Cook says:

    Flambeau Outdoors Bazuka Pro Rod Case

    I fly to Mexico at least once a year. I have had many trips with decent results using Flambeau rod cases. However after a recent trip my case got damaged by the airline, and I decided to spend the extra cash for the larger PRO model. The door flap broke on first trip and the rods got damaged as the door opened and rods slid out. Also broken was the steel locking fastener? I am now thinking of going with the Plano cases?
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. J. Nowicki says:

    The Flambeau Outdoors Bazuka Pro Road Case is just what I wanted to safely transport my fishing rods in the bed of my truck. The case is very sturdy with a hinged door for easy access to load and unload my two rods with their reels attached. Might even accomodate a third one. Of course, it will hold more rods without the reels. The Bazuka Rod Case is heavy, although, not unmanageable thanks to its handle. It’s great for transport in my truck but I find its length too cumbersome to carry along with everything else to my fishing site and too big for taking on a 16′ fishing boat with others on board. Especially since it would come down to making a choice between the cooler or the rod case. That’s a no brainer. The cooler wins everytime! ~ The Boss
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. J. Lee says:

    We used this on a trip down to Baja and it worked out great! I was able to load 10 rods in this thing. The longest being 8’6 (this is probably the longest I’d try to stretch it). We used ratchet compression straps to strap it to the top of a Rav4 and it worked perfectly. Granted, the compression straps cause the case to have little ‘indents’ where the pressure was… I was scared these would be permanent indentations but after a few hours it was back to normal again. And this was driving through 85+ degree weather in Baja! So the case appears to be pretty durable. I’m glad I picked it up. I plan to store a majority of my rods in it during the off season in my garage. It’ll help save on space as well 🙂 Great product! Note: if you’re strapping this down, watch out for the handles. I would highly recommend securing this thing by the main body and not by the handles – we noticed they were starting to warp due to pressure… they have the potential to bust. Also, there’s a little hole to secure the latch door with a lock. If you’re strapping this down to the roof of a car or checking it in on a plane, I’d advise getting a small lock so that the latch won’t easily open. If for an airplane, make sure it’s a TSA approved lock.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. R. Spencer says:

    Great case for the airlines. Protects your rods and size is easy to change.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Paul Holick says:

    I took the rod case to Cancun for the first trip. When I got my case at Cancun the top cap was hanging half off. I tried to tape it to get back to Denver but it didn’t make it. The cap was totally broken off. The top needs to be reinforce
    Rating: 1 / 5

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