Bass Pro Shops: The Strike fishing game.

If you like fishing games then this is for you. If you dont like fishing games then you wont like this.

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    1. thugproofclips says:

      damn,good thing i got fishing gear and some good fishing places, if i wanna fish.. throwing for fish in the tv is abit wierd …

    2. EnkushStrife1996 says:


    3. Dorsey8803 says:

      @Gerold1981 ahh fuck I got it for the pc and I tell u what I lobe it so much!!

    4. Gerold1981 says:

      @Dorsey8803 nah its only for the pc, wii, 360 :-/

    5. Dorsey8803 says:

      Can I get it for the ps3?

    6. ms1000bc says:

      i love fishing games

    7. ladybl0ck says:


    8. rubiksguy890 says:

      is there for ps3?

    9. TasRailwayfan says:

      Isnt this on PS3?

    10. MrTviGgiGraAndX says:

      why is it only 11 species of fish?

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