Bass Pro Shops: The Strike fishing game.

If you like fishing games then this is for you. If you dont like fishing games then you wont like this.

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    1. tonawaldschmidtnmd says:

      Best place to find women ****

    2. freestyle374 says:

      i can stand how the cams go in the water wen u cast…it f…the game up 4 me

    3. tatumvitamsd says:

      Do you think to marry here you go ****

    4. kumar6709 says:


    5. masterknaster says:

      @elheadkickio Try “The Hunter” (thehunter . com)

    6. masterknaster says:

      @MisterAlexUk People have different tastes you know…

    7. Gerold1981 says:

      @h3llom4te hey man, what i would do is, go buy it again and then swap disks and return it. (just make sure that they accept open games)

    8. h3llom4te says:

      @Gerold1981 That’s not the problem its like um something is wrong with the disc itself it says that there is a fatal error and also many many people have had this problem but Psyclone ain’t doing shit which pisses me off the most!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Gerold1981 says:

      @h3llom4te try cleaning the disk and the laser inside the console

    10. h3llom4te says:

      Can you please help me there is something wrong with my game it won’t let me play the other half of the lakes because it said there was an error on my disc please help me I have been having this game for almost a year and I haven’t played it eversince like last january

    11. MisterAlexUk says:

      Why does anyone like fishing games?

    12. basserman08 says:

      @zokia1000 I think, if you just progress through career, you get new ones (as zokia1000 said) but u dont start unlocking until like the 3rd event. I have beaten all of career, and have the Z-9 but don’t have all the other ones tho. Not sure how that happens

    13. elheadkickio says:

      Nice. I can’t find any good hunting games but at least they’re still making good fishing games.

    14. werewret says:

      Asian marriage ****

    15. aaronbev12345 says:

      any way to get this free on PC?

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