“Bass Pro” 30″ Remote Control Fishing Boat

  • 30″ Remote Control “Bass Pro” Really catch’s Fish!
  • Can catch any size fish.
  • Fish from the shore, dock or a boat! 300-400 foot range
  • Everything included, ready for fishing fun! Boat, The RC Fishing Pole, 7.2V-1800mah boat battery, Pistol grip transmitter w/batteries, wall charger, boat stand, extra propellers, fishing line, bobber, and fishing hook included.
  • Fishing fun for all ages!

When you’re fishing on a pond or a lake you can drive the Bass pro Rc Fishing Boat around until you catch a fish, watch the bobber and have fun driving in the fish! Catch big fish too! Kids like to pull in fish with the boat, real fishermen like the line release feature. Drive your fishing line out hundreds of feet and release it wherever you want. The great thing is the line will come off the boat when a fish “hits”! You can really catch any size fish!
Catching fish is fun with Fish Fun Co.’s new R/C Fishing Boats! The Bass Pro is 30″ long, has two 380 motors, comes complete with everything you need for a day r/c fishing! Ready to run. Boat comes with high-capacity 7.2v 1700mAh battery, transmitter batteries, home charger, and boat stand.

List Price: $ 74.95


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