Shimano Sahara 500FD Spinning Reel Reviews


  • Propulsion line management system includes propulsion spool lip, SR one piece bail wire
  • Slow oscillation, graphite frame with lightweight graphite sideplate
  • Machined aluminum handle with rubber handle grips, maintenance ports
  • 3 S A-RB Ball Bearings and 1 roller bearing with a gear ration of 4.7:1. S A-RB- anti rust bearings provide extreme durability
  • Rated for use with mono, fluorocarbon and PowerPro lines

Packed with features , the Sahara SD is a solid performer for any freshwater or light saltwater use. With propulsion, S A-RB, Super Stopper II and other high end features, Sahara reels offer smooth performance and a great look.From Shimano’s S-Concept lineup, the Sahara 500FD Spinning Reel brings together the ultimate combination of Smooth, Silent, and Strong performance for serious saltwater anglers in the quest for elusive game fish. Sized to offer anglers a bigger spool and a smaller body, S-Concept reels are lighter and more comfortable without sacrificing their exceptionally smooth rotation, comfortable retrieve, excellent drag performance, longer casting distance, tight tolerances, powerful torque, and durable drivetrains. With the Propulsion Line Management System the 500FD reel provides longer casting distances while preventing backlashes and wind knots from forming for excellent cast-ability and manageability. Thanks to Dyna-Balance and Fluidrive II the 500FD Reel delivers s …More >>> Shimano Sahara 500FD Spinning Reel


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  1. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I bought two of these reels after a lot of research, very smooth, long casting, perfect for light inshore fishing. Lots of flounder caught, along with nice sized redfish and speckled trout. We would buy these again!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t owned a lot of reels, but this one is definitely nice. It reels smooth, it’s light weight, the anti reverse sets hooks like a champ.
    All the other reels I’ve owned were about half the price, and I can tell the differences with this reel. Every thing about it is just better, and it’s not really that expensive. Considering I use to buy 40 dollar reels when I made 4.25 an hour. So it seemed about time to buy a little nicer reel. And for the money this is a really nice reel.

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