Outdoor Products Power Pack Daypack

  • Laptop compartment fits a 14 inch to 17 inch computer, is lined in fleece
  • Middle compartment is roomy and contains an expandable file organizer
  • Front organizer contains multiple organizational storage compoenents
  • Erogonomic yoke shoulder strap/sternum system with quick release buckle, mesh cell phone pocket
  • Versatile external pockets include: large front pocket for storing extra gear

Product Description
The ultimate pack for the road warrior and active, urban professional. The clean design easily transitions from streetwear to the board room, provides a unique protection compartment that cradles your laptop and offers maximum defense from unexpected drops, bangs and bumps. It also ensures maximum comfort with a padded back, airway channel, and yoke style shoulder straps. This is a backpack that is engineered to be a work station on the go. It features: durable hardware, stress point reinforcements, custom coated zipper pulls, and interior neoprene pockets. It also features an organizer panel, multi-media storage, expandable file organizer, an adjustable padded laptop compartment, and multiple accessory pockets… More >>

Price: $75.00
Rating: 5.0 (4 reviews)

Outdoor Products Power Pack Daypack

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  1. I really researched the right backpack for Heavy Travel while lugging around a Laptop and Photo Equipment. I travel around the world, and I need something that had a lot of space, organization and would hold up. In looking at backpacks it was a toss up between this backpack and the North Face Surge. I ended up with both and eventually ended up with the North Face Surge. That being said, I have owned a previous Outdoor Products backpack, and it has held up for 9 years of heavy use. I have traveled all over Europe, South America and Caribbean with it, and used it for business.

    The Power Pack 2.0 is not only improved from the original Power Pack, but it is so efficient and well made you really can’t go wrong with it. Also the price is great.

    It has the BEST Laptop Slot and works with even my 17 inch MacBookPro.

    Tons of space.

    The only down side is that it sits a little bit harder on the back. The reason why is because it expands so far out, if the backpack is full it can not sit flat on the back.

    I literally researched every backpack that you could use for Heavy Travel and Business. This and the North Face product are the BEST.

    I would highly recommend.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. M. Moore says:

    I bought this bag at an REI in Maryland. I spent about 45 minutes looking at the different backpacks they had and this was absolutely the best one. None of the North Face bags were as appropriate for me as this Outdoor Products bag is. I always carry a 15″ laptop, portable hard drive, large water bottle, various notepads and sketchpad, lots of pens and pencils, my ipod, a tiny journal, among other miscellaneous items. This bag carries all of these items and more (sometimes I toss my SLR camera and a lens in the bag) and I don’t feel like a giant turtle. The “nipple strap” removes the load from my back in an amazing manner.

    Basically, I use this all of the time and it is very comfortable, even when loaded with a ton of stuff.

    In addition, there are two “secret” pockets that are on the back side. One is perfect for money, ID cards, and a passport.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Jim P says:

    I just bought an HP 17 laptop so I needed a travel bag for it. This bag has tons of support and sooo much room. I love the front section that has all the slots for different items and cords it is a great way to keep things organized. There is also tons of room in the center compartment for larger things and it is separated to keep things organized. I would definately recommend this bag for any one with a laptop especially a larger one.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. I have kind of an obsession with computer backpacks. I’ve owned a number of them and spent countless hours looking at pictures and reading reviews. I’ve never been completely satisfied with a bag but I think that has ended. I happened across this Outdoor Products bag at an REI when shopping for other things. I couldn’t believe it. Someone had finally made my perfect bag. In fact, it’s perfecter, because it has features I never thought of.

    What makes this bag so great?

    – Pockets, pockets, pockets. This bag has tons of pockets. It has a large pocket organizer area with a mix of elastic and zippered pockets that are inside the bag. The pockets are labeled so you can remember where you stashed all of your little things. This is perfect. It also has 3 small zippered pockets around the exterior.

    – The laptop compartment is isolated and padded. You don’t want your laptop jostling around with all of the other stuff in your bag. You also want quick access to it as it’s the thing you’ll be pulling in and out all the time. And you don’t want a big hemisphere zipper that goes all the way around the bag to get at it. And it has a removable padding insert so it will securely hold anything from a 13 to a 17 inch laptop. Again, a perfect solution.

    – Sunglasses pocket

    – Elastic mesh pouch for a water bottle

    – Flat bottom so it is freestanding

    – What they call a “quick stash pouch”. This is the exterior, front flap you can see in the picture. This is an expandable area you could quickly toss something without fussing with the zippers.

    – The back is well padded with channels for airflow.

    – One of the coolest features and something I’ve never seen before is the “retractable check-in slider”. This is a pocket running down the center of the back of the bag (against your back). Inside the pocket is a stiff, airline ticket sized wallet that holds a ticket and ID. The wallet has a loop to pull it out and is permanently attached to the bag with an elastic band. There is no risk of losing it or it being stolen. It’s hard to describe but it is absolutely the best solution I’ve seen to what to do with the stuff you need to access when flying.

    – There’s also a “hidden” pocket on the back for valuables. It’s actually the underside of the padding and is inaccessible while you are wearing the bag.

    The only design flaw I’ve noticed is the elastic cell phone holder on the shoulder strap. It’s a good idea to give you a spot to put the phone where you can reach it while wearing the bag. The problem is it’s too high on the strap and hard to reach.

    This bag is a hidden gem. I’ve never seen it mentioned the many times I’ve gone searching for the perfect bag. There are hardly any pictures or good information about it on the net. There’s actually a cardboard product booklet attached to the bag that does a great job of highlighting it’s features with pictures. It’s too bad the company doesn’t digitize this and make it accessible online. Outdoor Products’ website has the tiniest pictures. Their marketing department gets a big fail. (BTW, the most detailed online review and pics you’ll find if you google it is for an older version that’s quite a bit different. Be sure to compare any pictures you find to the one here. It’s easy to tell.)

    Rating: 5 / 5

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