Boone Outdoor Boone Dock 2-Inch Rack Storage with YaThu pin

  • Worry-free storage for cumbersome hitch-mounted gear
  • Protect your hitch gear investment from damage
  • Transform your hitch-mounted bike rack into garage bike storage
  • Easily organize bike racks, tailgate tables, ski racks and draw bars
  • Quick-loading Dock Block provides attachment points for 2 racks or draw bars

Product Description
Perfect garage storage solution for receiver hitch gear; bike racks, tailgate tables, ski/snow board racks & spare draw bars. When the adventure is over, you need a place to store your adventure gear. Use the Boone Dock to store all your hitch gear and put them to work 24/7. Your wife and your garage floor will thank you. The Boone Dock stores your adventure & features: Heavy-duty carbon steel frame supports the heaviest oversize loads, Quick-loading “Dock Blocks” make installing hitch gear a “snap”, Includes YaThu Pin…. More >>

Price: $34.95
Rating: 4.5 (2 reviews)

Boone Outdoor Boone Dock 2-Inch Rack Storage with YaThu pin

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2 Responses to “Boone Outdoor Boone Dock 2-Inch Rack Storage with YaThu pin”

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  1. Being tired of moving the rack from lying on the floor to leaning against the wall, I went looking for a product where I could permenantly store the rack. After looking at a 4 different products, I decided on this one.

    *Easy to install.

    *Holds the rack and a second hitch on the rack.

    *Does not rely on welds

    *Supports upto 150 lbs.

    *The ability to support the rack and bikes on the rack.

    The only con to the product is that the pin is that the reduced diameter section of the pin is not long enough. Boone sent out a new pin that was more compatible with my rack. It worked great. They should include that pin as well with the product.

    Overall an excellent product.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I purchased this Boone Dock rack storage last summer in 2008. I use it to store my Thule 916/918 4-bike rack combo.


    1. Easy to install.

    2. Reasonable cost.

    3. It held up pretty well for the past nine months and does a fine job holding the rack and save me a lots space.


    1. It was just released last year when I made my order. The pin came with it was too big for my Thule rack. I had to call Boone to get a replacement; however, they did poor job machining it down in a hurry. I ended up trimming it down with a CNC machine with some help from my colleague. I hope they have addressed this issue for the current pins.

    2. Taking my rack off the dock is easy; however, it is hard to load it back into the locking pin by myself since the weight of the rack is about 100lb.

    Overall I am happy with my purchase. I would recommend it.

    Rating: 4 / 5

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