Sherpa Chair, Forrest Green

  • Light weight and easy to carry take-anywhere chair!
  • Integraged 480 cubic-inch pouch to carry small items, or add our Sherpa Chair cooler bag for your favorite beverages.
  • Perfect for the kids soccer game, hunting, picnicking, at the beach, camping, fishing or just in the back yard.
  • 18″ seat height is the same as a typical chair. Frame constructed of 6063 Aluminum with steel inserts in pivots.
  • Beverage holder works when sitting-in or carrying the chair.

Product Description
Lightweight, Easy to Use, Go Anywhere Backpack Chair – By combining a lightweight frame that’s easy to fold and carry, Sherpa Chair is the most durable and easy to carry chair around. It also provides a spacious pouch to carry everything else. Sherpa Chair can be carried hands-free as it comes with two shoulder straps so it can be thrown on just like a backpack. An optional cooler bag is available, and fits right-into the chair. These features mean the Sherpa Chair can be taken anywhere with ultimate convenience. It is ideal for a soccer mom’s chair, camping chair, fishing chair, hunting chair or tailgating chair…. More >>

Price: $29.99
Rating: 4.5 (3 reviews)

Sherpa Chair, Forrest Green

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  1. Lee Alsing says:

    This chair is awesome! I was skeptical – the photos don’t really reflect how sturdy it is. I was surprised at how comfortable it was to sit on for long periods of time – that was unexpected for something so light weight. It was so comfortable I used it in my hotel room in favor over the glider/rockers that they had. I bought it to take to the beach and it was perfect – it sets up and folds up in seconds -easy to get on and off without any assistance. There is a video on the Sherpa chair website. The back carrier pocket is pretty roomy – it’s dimensions are 3″ deep, by 10″ high and 15.5 inches wide – it held more than I thought it would – the Velcro closures are not designed very well – they were difficult to match up, however nothing ever spilled out of the pocket although I did not overload it (I made sure to check around each time I loaded up the chair to move on). The Velcro strips on the bag are about 3″ long and the matching strips on the flap are about an inch long – it would be better if they were each longer, or if they had a long horizontal strip as well but this doesn’t affect my opinion of the chair. The overall dimensions of the unit are 25″ high by 21″ wide and is about 3″ thick when folded. There is a carry handle, which is nice, however, at 5’3″ tall, I was unable to carry the chair without holding up my arm to keep it from bouncing on the ground. The shoulder straps are comfortable and easy to adjust. There are seat back adjustment straps which I never had to adjust – they stayed just right through the hundreds of times I folded and unfolded the chair. There is a way to set the straps so that the seatback always stays upright, however I didn’t find it necessary to utilize, simply lifting the back up as I got up and down off of the chair. I originally planned to use the chair on the beach but took it with me everywhere – I had it perched on a grassy cliff overlooking coves and whale-watched for hours – it worked well on the uneven ground. There is a drink holder which was pretty useless – it will only hold a small water bottle and I didn’t try to carry a water bottle in it – I had a quart bottle I carried in the carrier bag along with binoculars, tripod and a few other things. (my camera in it’s camera case would not fit in the back pocket). I highly recommend this chair to anyone who likes to walk endlessly on the beach or sit for hours watching for whales or birds or any other outdoor activity where one might not want to sit on the ground or wet sand. It would be great for an outdoor concert where one would need to take a chair. I’ll never go anywhere without this chair, it’s better than advertised!

    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I had been looking for a folding chair which was light enough and portable to use while hunting and fishing. I also wanted one that would fold easily, sometimes in the dark. I have had a number of stool/chair types. Some were heavy. Some were to small with no back support. Some suited the purpose but were hard to fold and transport.

    This Sherpa Chair is everything I was looking for. Two different ways to carry. A pouch to put some gear in and folds just by picking it up. At 6′ 4″ and 240 lbs it still gives me back support. I would recomend this chair without hesitation.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. This chair is lightweight and easy to carry (I’m 70). It is comfortable to sit on too. The only complaint I have is about the Velcro strips. They are too short. I added some stick-on Velcro but it wouldn’t stick so I stapled them in place and that worked fine.

    One other thing that was a little bit problematic was the width. When trying to get through a large crowd I had to keep my arms at my side to prevent the chair from hitting others. It is just a bit wider than the body so it sticks out on either side about 2 inches.

    Over all I would highly recommended this chair. In fact I ordered one for a friend who has to use a cane.Sherpa Chair
    Rating: 4 / 5

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