Outdoor / Camping Gear

This is a video that shows SOME of my outdoor / camping gear. It is not all inclusive as other items are kept in my Rush 72 backpack and NATO water bottle holder that contains my canteen and other survival items. This video shows what I would keep on my person in camp or for a short hike – I would also include my canteen with carrier on a short hike as well.
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    1. mpeel32ia says:

      @Feketefoldi it is from the pocket survival pak made by Adventure Medical Kits

    2. Feketefoldi says:

      hey dude from where you got the survival manual

    3. astromicwm says:

      @1125djm yea, really why do you ask???!!!!

    4. 1125djm says:

      @mpeel32ia because i noticed it and was curious its that a problem?

    5. mpeel32ia says:

      @1125djm why do you ask?

    6. 1125djm says:

      why are you shaking so much?

    7. mpeel32ia says:

      @JuiceBox801 Okay … have never had a problem locating the things I need when I need them, but whatever – thanks!

    8. JuiceBox801 says:

      Nice everything black but it’s gonna suck looking for stuff u need with everything blending into each other but whatever

    9. mpeel32ia says:

      @paracordjunky Thank you so much for the kind comments. I have some other ideas for various knife / kit combinations that I hope to get to video soon. Also have some other purchases planned that I hope to get to video. I also would like to get a video or videos up of my camp bag, which is a black 5.11 Rush 72. Planning an updated EDC video in the near future not only of my carry but also of my bag if I can find some time. Thanks again for watching!

    10. paracordjunky says:

      I Like the whole set up including the pouch with the knife connected to it. You seem really creative in thinking out what you want with what I enjoy watching your video’s to see what you have come up with next. Great job!

    11. mpeel32ia says:

      @MrJankTv Thanks for the comment and for watching. I agree with your comment about having gear around your neck and there will likely be times when I don’t use it in that manner. That’s why I made the lanyard long enough to wear over the shoulder if needed or on a belt. It is however a nice lightweight knife and I am considering doing a review exclusively on the knife. Thanks.

    12. MrJankTv says:

      I like your lightweight fishing gear. now this is my opinion, but i would choose not to hike with anything around my neck. nonetheless the gear seems top notch and the knife would be something i may invest in as well. thanx

    13. davidkel024 says:


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