New Balance N2 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Includes a wireless chest belt, which transmits ECG-accurate, real time heart rate information to your wrist
  • Features time, date, and alarm functions; digital screen and date display have a backlight for easy viewing
  • Personalized user profiles and Smart Training program allow you to customize your workout
  • Constructed with plastic housing and a rubber strap; water resistant to 164 feet/50 meters
  • Ideal for running, cross-training, and cycling; stopwatch accuracy to 1/100 of a second

Product Description
The New Balance N2 Heart Rate Monitor is a no-frills, performance-oriented training tool. A wireless chest belt transmits ECG-accurate, real time heart rate information to your wrist, using your stored gender, height, weight, and age profile to provide calories burned and target heart rate. Staying within that optimal range improves the effectiveness of your workouts dramatically, meaning you’ll achieve fitness goals far sooner than the old pulse-and-stopwatch method. Time, date, and alarm functions mean you can bring the N2 on trips without having to swap out for a real watch.Product Features:Material: Plastic housing, rubber strapAltimeter BarometerHeart Rate Monitor: Yes Chronograph: Yes ThermometerDi… More >>

Price: $38.47
Rating: 2.0 (1 reviews)

New Balance N2 Heart Rate Monitor

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  1. I bought the product and was very excited to see it work. The watch fit well and the chest strap was pretty comfortable, but the heart rate monitor was a joke. I set my max heart rate at 171 (220-19)x .85=171 and my low at 131. So this morning I finally got to use it on my run. I was running at about 6:40/mile pace, which is fairly comfortable for me and it said that my heart rate was somewhere in the 170-180 bpm range, and then out of nowhere according to the heart rate monitor my heart rate was exceeding 220 bpm, which means that I am about to have a heart attack and that wasn’t the case. I am very disappointed in this product, but I guess you get what you pay for. Guess I will have to dig deep in my wallet and get a garmin instead.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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