Camping Trips : Camping Tips: Gear & Equipment

Useful camping gear includes a tent, ground pad and an ax or hatchet. Pack proper camping gear and equipment with tips from a scoutmaster in this free camping video. Expert: Rusty Martin Bio: Rusty Martin is a Boy Scout leader who attended Scout Master training in 2006. Filmmaker: Evakay Favia
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    1. gasdorf says:

      a unframed school book bag

    2. gasdorf says:

      huge f**ing tent and heavy sleeping bag no water purification?

    3. gasdorf says:

      a one pound steel shovel in the backpack? hehehe right

    4. feedmytube says:

      i know what an axe is, all i’m saying is you don’t need one on a camping trip. you don’t need to be an asshole and argue with me even though i posted roughly 2 months ago…

    5. ston3pony says:

      An axe is used to chop things. Work it out in your head, go slow, you’ll get it.

    6. AQHackAQ says:

      lol dumbass

    7. KR850 says:


    8. Dp908 says:

      I got to admit, your comment up there ws pretty funny about the axe, but we don’t want to hear your excuses so ssshhhh.

    9. Spaceman7o says:

      well its like the internet but without restrictions

    10. feedmytube says:

      no what’s it like??

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